Get Your Accreditation for Pol'and'Rock Festival 2020 Online 

We have launched the accreditation process for journalists interested in working at the festival, which this year will take place in a specially designed TV studio in Warsaw. 

Key facts about the work of journalists at Pol'and'Rock Festival Online 

Accreditation process timeline 

We are running two accreditation processes: 

Accreditation timeline:

We are unable to accept accreditation request via e-mail or phone. We are also unable to run the accreditation process during the festival, on site. 

Please make sure to choose one of the time slots when filling up your accreditation form. You can choose multiple time slots, however, because there is limited number of time slots at our disposal, we might have to modify your selection. Time slots are necessary to meet audience limits at all times. 

Practical information about the studio