Bone marrow donor registration is a staple at Grand Finale fundraisers and festivals!

67 lives have been saved by bone marrow donors who have registered at our events! October 13th marks Polish Bone Marrow Donor Day, and we aim to celebrate those who seize the opportunity to share the biggest gift of all - that of another chance at life and health. 

DKMS Foundation has been playing alongside the Grand Finale fundraiser for seven years. Joining forces with the local Collection Centres, the volunteers working with the DKMS run 735 bone marrow donors registration drives across the entire country. Out of 18 797 people who have registered with the charity, 63 people became donors. Thanks to them, patients from 20 countries waiting for marrow transplants received another chance at life and health. This shows the global, international impact of our joint initiative and highlights how difficult it is to find a genetic twin and potential donor. 

The team from DKMS Foundation also runs donor registration drives for festival-goers. In three years that the volunteers have been registering potential donors at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, 1 779 people registered with the charity, and four of them became donors! The charity also takes an opportunity to educate revellers at the festival to explain the details of the bone marrow transplant process, offering expert advice and knowledge about the entire process and dispelling myths and fake news surrounding transplantation. 

We're delighted that we have always received a warm welcome from the community of festival-goers at Pol'and'Rock and volunteers and organizers of annual Grand Finale fundraisers. We were allowed to share our work and encourage people to become donors. I appreciate your support of the mission we have to popularize being an organ donor. Your commitment helps us save the lives of patients across the globe. Only together we can do so much! 
-Magdalena Przysłupska, DKMS Foundation spokesperson