Love, friendship, music and no to war!

The crowd of people with sunflowers in their hands repeated the words of the festival oath after Jurek Owsiak, and Mr Roman Polanski whistled the opening of the festival. This means only one thing – the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival has officially begun!

For the next three days, the Czaplinek-Broczyno airfield will be flooded by a wave of incredible music, beautiful emotions and the most wonderful people! As every year, the power of positive vibes awaits. Love, friendship and music have always been the values that have driven the Festival. It is thanks to these values and the people who support them that the event is called the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.

This year's edition is being held under the motto NO WAR! Jurek Owsiak emphasised the importance of this message when he and the audience paid tribute to the citizens of Ukraine – “for our neighbours who are dying in an unequal fight”.

Pol'and'RockFestival is a “thank you” for the GOCC Foundation's support from donors. This year, the gratitude is even more tremendous. Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the GOCC has pledged nearly PLN 20 million to humanitarian aid.

The traditional festival oath was not to be missed. The audience unanimously declared that they would take care of this beautiful piece of land where love, tolerance, brotherhood and friendship reign.

The sight of thousands of people, with sunflowers and flags, moved Jurek himself, who added after the oath:

Dears, remember – we live on the same land, we live on the same planet Earth. And this land is also the land [that we share] these days, when we look so pretty, so wonderfully. This is Poland! Let’s take care of it, and let’s tell others that this is the life we should live, together. May we be kind, caring and friendly to each other! This country is built of us, of people just like you. I love you so very much for that!
-Jurek Owsiak, at the opening of the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival

Now the time has come for the three days filled with music and beautiful emotions. Let them go further, beyond the borders of the Festival. Let them spread, flowing far out into the world to the people who need them most.

Anna Libertowska