A new face of an old tradition - Light up to the Sky

Light to the Sky is one of the permanent elements of every Grand Finale. It is a beautiful tradition in which all Collection Centres, all over the world, send positive energy into the world. The Grand Finale is a day when all the people around the world have a chance to see how much goodness surrounds us.

A “Light to the Sky” is completely different [this year], such that it is a moment of reflection for you all. With this light, we connect with all those who need support, and help, but who also take from our joy, our way of looking at the world - a joyful, no-frills, friendly, cuddly way of looking at us all."
-Jurek Owsiak before the Light to the Sky show during the 31st Grand Finale

This year we saw a new face of our old tradition. There were no bangs or fireworks at the Light to the Sky event. Instead, there was a knockout light show of music and fire!

Anna Libertowska