Explosion of Musical Flavors! Hoffmaestro to conquer the Main Stage at the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival

The Swedish phenomenon, winning the hearts of music lovers worldwide, joins the line-up of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! Their captivating blend of genres, from ska and reggae to hip-hop and funk, makes every track a musical feast.

Hoffmaestro — an eleven-member Swedish ska-punk band, burst onto the music scene in 2005 when their creativity resulted in the independent film Stockholm Boogie. Being both creators and directors of this work, they endowed it with their energetic soundtrack. The film gained cult status, and their song Desperado quickly won the listeners' recognition. Hoffmaestro, like lightning, etched itself into the history of music as an original band, whose sounds, full of vigour and ideas, are unforgettable.

The style of Hoffmaestro, with an extraordinary mosaic of ska, punk, country, New Orleans, and electronics, ignites the imagination and challenges categorization. However, the band has earned a reputation as the most party-like collective, thanks to their sophisticated, energy-pulsating live performances. Creating under the banner of Hoffmaestro & Chraa, they signed a contract with a Swedish label, which led to the release of several thrilling singles, leading to their debut 2008 album titled The Storm.

Two years later, their second LP was released under the striking name Hoffmaestro, and the band continuously won the sympathy of audiences across Europe. They engaged fans through social media, adopting a very authentic "do-it-yourself" aesthetic. In 2014, Hoffmaestro conquered the United States, signing a contract with a Los Angeles label to release their third LP, simply titled Hoffmaestro.

29th Pol'and'Rock Festival

29th Most Beautiful Festival in the World will be held between 3-5 August 2023 at the former Czaplinek-Broczyno Airfield. Czaplinek is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland, between the Drawsko and Czaplino Lakes, ca. 125 km from Szczecin. The Pol'and'Rock Festival is a free, unticketed event. The first announced stars of this year's Most Beautiful Festival in the World are Apollo 440, Spin Doctors, Biohazard, Carpenter Brut, Brodka, Napalm Death, DRAIN, While She Sleeps, Zalewski, Saint City Orchestra, Bullet for My Valentine, Royal Republic, Get The Shot, LemON and Rise Of The Northstar, among others.

Adam Kościelniak