Zacier returns to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!

Time for Zacier! A powerful dose of good humor and an original mix of genres will settle on the Second Stage of the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival!

The central figure in the band is Mirosław "Zacier" Jędras, who is responsible for creating lyrics and composing music. In the group, he performs as a vocalist and plays the keyboard, and many other instruments, such as guitar, violin, or harmonica. Along with Zacier, DJ Mrufka (Jędras' son) performs on drums and Tomasz Grochowalski plays on bass guitar. 

One of Zacier's first songs was "Odpad Atomowy" [Eng. "Nuclear Waste"], which was later covered by the band Kazik Na Żywo and by Elektryczne Gitary!

Mirosław Jędras is currently fulfilling himself in the world of music, although for twenty-five years he was associated with the profession of a doctor. On the latest album, he joined forces with another music-making medic, Kuba Sienkiewicz from Elektryczne Gitary.

I agree with Kuba that medicine is a wonderful field, and the profession of a doctor is worthy of recognition. I have no reason to complain about my job, but I want to try various experiences in my life. Music is one of them.
-Mirosław "Zacier" Jędras

The Zacier band performed on the Viva Kultura Stage during the 23rd Woodstock Festival in 2017. This year, Mirosław Jędras' band returns to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, this time on the Second Stage. Welcome back, Zacier!

29th Pol'and'Rock Festival

29th Most Beautiful Festival in the World will be held between 3-5 August 2023 at the former Czaplinek-Broczyno Airfield. Czaplinek is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland, between the Drawsko and Czaplino Lakes, ca. 125 km from Szczecin. The Pol'and'Rock Festival is a free, unticketed event. The first announced stars of this year's Most Beautiful Festival in the World are Apollo 440, Spin Doctors, Biohazard, Carpenter Brut, Brodka, Napalm Death, DRAIN, While She Sleeps, Zalewski, Saint City Orchestra, Bullet for My Valentine, Royal Republic, Get The Shot, LemON, Rise Of The Northstar and Hoffmaestro, among others.

Adam Kościelniak