Meet Tomasz Zieliński - our next guest at the Academy of the Finest of Arts

During the lockdown, Tomasz Zieliński was the promoter of the "okienka" [Eng. "windows"] initiative - a series of free, daily conversations with kids and their parents on how to listen and hear each other. This August, he will spill the tea, telling us more about understanding and helping others during the meeting at the Academy of the Finest of Arts! 

The meeting with Tomasz Zieliński will be held at the AFA on Friday, 4 August, at 11:30. 

Tomasz Zieliński is the President of the Academy of Communication. During the lockdown, he initiated a project called "okienka", i.e. a series of unpaid, daily talks with kids and their parents on how to communicate, listen and hear each other. The kids who participated in his workshops came up with the slogan "The omniscient sugar-sweet adult". His daughter, Ania, gave him the courage to use the saying and share the knowledge he gained during the workshops. Almost 20,000 parents took part in 13 editions of the seminars and learned the lesson of hearing others. 

Tomasz Zieliński is also a founder of Usłyszeć Na Czas Foundation [Eng. "To hear it in time"]. The organization shares the experiences from working with the kids and parents, as well as pays for the therapy sessions for kids facing a psychological crisis (supporting parents who otherwise could not afford it). Tomasz is married to Gosia, and is a dad to Ania. They are two women who taught him to hear...

Since 2008 the patron of the Academy of the Finest of Arts has been mBank. The AFA meetings are hosted by the Onet.pl journalists. 

Anna Libertowska