Jerzy Kryszak is the next guest of the Academy of the Finest of Arts!

Multidimensional, always authentic, a creator who infects with good humour - Jerzy Kryszak joins the splendid company of guests of the Academy of the Finest of Arts. Known and loved by all generations, the actor will visit the festival to share with you his passion, talent, and extraordinary energy.

Jerzy Kryszak, born on April 24, 1950, in Kalisz, is a multi-award-winning actor, satirist, columnist, director, and screenwriter. Kryszak is not only known for all these titles from television, theatre, or cinema. He is, above all, a husband, father, brother, and even a cook, gardener, driver, and photographer. A man of many talents and passions, who with his talent amuses, touches, and sometimes forces to some deep reflection.

In his rich career, starting from the J. Słowacki Theatre in Krakow, through the Warsaw Ateneum Theatre, to dozens of TV theatres and entertainment programs, Kryszak proved that there is no taboo subject for him. Many remember him from such hits as Wodzirej, Thais, Mężczyzna Niepotrzebny (eng. Unnecessary Man), or Alternatywy 4, but this not nearly enough to summarize Kryszak's achievements.

The meeting with Jerzy Kryszak will take place on Thursday, August 3 at 10:00 am!

Although he is known for many film and theatre roles, in the 1990s he decided to focus on performing in comedy shows. He performed in the HBO stand-up program Na stojaka, participated in Cabaretons, where his monologues often brought the audience to tears of laughter. Jerzy Kryszak's texts cannot be repeated in the form of a simple joke - they must be seen live!

A fun fact for fans: research shows that Jerzy Kryszak cuts his hair twice a year – for Easter and for Christmas. And for his birthday, he combs it. What hairdressing miracles will we see at the AFA meeting during the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival?

The meetings with AFA guests are hosted by Onet.pl journalists.

Adam Kościelniak