'Virtual Heart' beats for charity

What's the secret of the phenomenon of the 'Virtual Heart' fundraiser? 

Where lies the secret of the 'Virtual Heart' phenomenon? There is a lot of different online and crowdfunding services supporting charitable initiatives, but the 'Virtual Heart' online fundraiser has captured donor's attention like no other. The idea behind this online collection is a visual representation of a colourful heart which grows every time someone decides to pitch in. Your donation becomes a glowing, colourful dot bearing your name or message. You can see the heart growing - and glowing more - each day! 

This year the Foundation will 'play' as in raise funds in order to equip neonatological wards in public hospitals in Poland with state-of-the-art devices. The theme of the public charitable collection, known as the Grand Finale is held to raise funds for equal access to healthcare for all newborns. The charitable collection will take place nationwide and internationally on January the 14th, 2018.