Open-air exhibition in Warsaw

The Orchestra "plays"all year round - not only inspiring a global charitable collection but organizing different activities and making its mark on the landscape of Polish society. 

Jurek Owsiak, the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation and the driving force behind the initiative describes the title of the exhibition: "We already have a record!" as follows:

Everyone asks – is there going to be a new record this year? The fact that we are coming together for the 26th time is a record in itself, don’t you think? We are ‘playing’ with Poles in the country and nationwide, creating a unique celebration, building a community and sending positive vibes to the good Angels sharing our joy and showing that we can create something wonderful together. This, in itself, is an amazing world record and we would like to thank everyone for taking part in this phenomenon. Regardless of how much money we raise – we are sure that each penny will go towards a carefully selected purchase. Especially now, when we would like to appeal for better care and attention to our health, this “Orchestra” meeting is more important than ever before. Let’s do everything in our power to ensure that we will meet in the following years – until the end of the world, and one day more!

26th Grand Finale charitable collection will take place in Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, the US, Japan, Cyprus, China, Spain, Indonesia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Austria, Bali, and on the Pole of the Earth – on Polish arctic base in Horsund.