The first benchmark achieved

Jurek Owsiak and the Board of the Foundation have opened a first press conference of the day with a first important announcement - the charity has collected almost 9 million PLN! 

We want to share what we do here and now and for the entire year -  honestly and openly. 
-Jurek Owsiak 

The first press conference of the Grand Finale referenced financial reports of the previous Grand Finale fundraisers. The Foundation has published the financial report of the 24th Grand Finale collection and the preliminary financial report detailing the purchases and expenses connected to the 25th, record-breaking collection. The reports in its entirety have been published on the Foundation's website.

Another key piece of information Jurek Owsiak, chairman of the board shared with the members of the press during that first press conference was the preliminary tally of the sum raised at the Grand Finale - 9 103 221 PLN. There are 3 446 654 PLN raised through our charitable auctions platform and auctions are still going strong. You can still bid for unique items!  Lego likeness of Robert Lewandowski, a 6-litre bottle of champagne donated by the Polish Sydney Hobart racing team and magenta suit donated by the Polish first lady are among 32 188 items listed for auctions.

The Grand Finale is held not only in Poland - there are almost 1700 Collection Centres (local hubs of activity) coordinating the work of almost 120 000 volunteers around the globe. With volunteer communities 'playing' for charity from Japan to the US there is a long day ahead of all fans of charitable giving!