Arch Enemy at the Main Stage

Some things can weather storms and emerge stronger, better and more powerful than ever. Arch Enemy has endured on the heavy metal scene for over 20 years and they have been redefining the genre with each album they released. 

The band has been established in 1995 in Halmstad, Sweden and is a metal supergroup, which means that all members of the band are all members of other successful metal formations such as Carcass, Armageddon, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, Nevermore, and Eucharist. The accomplished musicians came together at the initiative of Michael Ammot - a guitarist from death metal band Carcass and vocalist Johan Liiva from Carnage.

Ten studio albums later and countless miles of touring behind the belt the band remains a powerful player on the ever-changing metal scene. After some changes in the line-up of the band and introduction of Alissa White-Glutz as the leading vocalist and guitarist Jeff Loomis from Nevermore, the ingenious puzzle of personalities and talents has been finally completed.

Switching singers in 2014 was a big change of course. Alissa brings a lot the band as a singer and a very visually strong performer but also she writes great lyrics and vocal patterns that are very different to mine, which makes for more variation in the Arch Enemy sound. The twin-guitar attack has always been a big part of our sound and now we have Jeff Loomis who's played some face-melting leads on the new album!
-Michael Ammot, founder of Arch Enemy 

Will To Power is the tenth studio album from the ground-breaking collective and it serves to prove that the musicians are at the very top of their game and ready to show their prowess and once again establish their metal supremacy across the globe. The powerful onslaught from twin guitars is complimented by Allissa's charismatic vocal. Redefining and rejuvenating the genre once again in their career, the band is on the road again to introduce the audience to their newest creative tour-de-force.