CPR for Schools competition

Teaching first aid in primary schools across the country is the main objective of Foundation's educational programme: CPR for Schools. 

CPR for Schools is an educational programme based on a simple idea, which has proven to be very effective: qualified instructors offer free first aid and CPR courses to primary school teachers. The teachers receive free teaching aids and materials such as manikins, course and exercise books. They can now offer free CPR lessons to their little pupils. The scheme was successful, so much so that we can now report that over 3 million children have been taught first aid. It means that the programme is active in over 91% of primary schools in the country.

CPR for Schools competition is open to all schools taking part in the educational programme. It consists of 3 different stages, all testing the creativity and knowledge of the participants.  The first stage of the competition requires children to create an educational, interactive poster on one of the following topics:

To make the challenge more interesting we require that the poster should be produced in a spot the difference format so that it can be used both as a teaching aid and a classroom game to make CPR lessons more fun for the kids. Deadline for submission for the first stage of the competition falls on March the 30th. Winners of this stage of the competition will be revealed on April the 4th. The winners will go on to compete in the second round. The final stage of the competition will take place in Warsaw, and traditionally it will be an exciting location-based game where children test their skills and visit some of the famous landmarks.