PLN 14 million for children's ophthalmology

On 5 December, the GOCC Foundation organized the 68th Open Tender dedicated to the aim of the 30th Grand Finale, i.e. paediatric ophthalmology. Many hours of negotiations resulted in a tangible outcome - 20 pieces of equipment for a total of PLN 14,138,131.80!

The last Open Tender during which we pledged over PLN 65 million for eyesight treatment in young patients was held in November 2022.  

Today's purchases include:

The Foundation purchased 20 devices for a total of PLN 14,138,131.80. The equipment will be donated to 8 facilities in 6 cities in Poland - Kraków, Warszawa, Gdańsk, Poznań, Katowice, and Białystok.  

Experts who supported the Board of the Foundation during the Open Tender:

The purchase was made possible thanks to the funds raised during the 30th Grand Finale - the final result of the fundraiser was PLN 224,376,706.35.

It was the fourth Open Tender this year and the last one before the 32nd Grand Finale planned for January 2024.

How is the Open Tender organised?

For each piece of equipment to be purchased, the Committee of Experts and the Board of the GOCC Foundation analyse each offer three times. The first input is the initial presentation of the offer. The second input is to provide details about the subject of the order. In the third input, discussions are held with each bidder on the proposed unit price of the equipment.

Anna Libertowska