The Orchestra played again!

The Great Orchestra played its 32nd Grand Finale! It was an exceptional day. And the declared amount of funds raised during this year's collection exceeded all expectations! 

Thank you so very much for being with us! The force that we have been creating for 32 years is incredible, out-of-this-world. We play in Poland, we play all around the world, we play everywhere, where friendship, love, and music prevail. Let it go on till the end of the world and a day longer - are you ready?! It does not end. It is just getting started. Thank you!
-Jurek Owsiak, the chairman of the board of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 

Declared amount of the Grand Finale

The declared result of the 32nd Grand Finale amounts to PLN 175,426,813.00!

Thank you for the wonderful outcome of the fundraiser. Thank you for yet another beautiful Grand Finale! It would not have worked, if it were not for you! 

The final amount of this year's fundraiser will be announced at the end of March. Stay tuned!

Let's sum it up!

On Monday, at 03:00 PM CET, the GOCC Foundation will hold a press conference to sum up the 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The Foundation strongly encourage you to follow the online broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. 

Anna Libertowska