Jazz Night at Pol'and'Rock

The festival is teaming up with Jazz Forum magazine to bring best Polish jazz performers to the AFA "after dark" stage at Pol'and'Rock. 

Pol'and'Rock Festival is committed to making the line-up diverse, and to introduce the massive audience of the festival to various musical genres. Last year, the promoters of the event have teamed up with Jazz Forum Magazine to bring some of the finest jazz acts to Pol'and'Rock. Jazz bands were featured at the "after dark" stage at the Academy of the Finest Arts tent. Jazz Nights proved to be a hit with the festival audience and we are excited to be able to continue this tradition at this year's edition of the festival.

This summer we are going to put four very diverse jazz collectives in the spotlight. Each of them represents different, striking outlook on creating music. Each of the bands draws inspiration from different sources: P. Unity is influenced by roots, funk and Slavic folk music, Tomasz Chyła Quintet represents the young force in Polish improvisation scene, and Laboratorium are making a spectacular come back to jazz music scene. 

Jazz Nights at the Academy of the Finest of Arts Stage 

1st of August
22:20 - P.Unity
00:00 - Tomasz Chyła Quintet
01:40 - Laboratorium

2nd of August
01:20 - Bibobit  

Second Stage
2nd of August
23:10 - Laboratorium