Enej will play the Pol'and'Rock Festival again!

This is the type of comeback we love the most! Our long-standing friends, who have previously performed at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World and concerts for the GOCC Grand Finales' audience - Enej - will be gracing the Main Stage of the 30th Pol'and'Rock Festival!

Enej is a Polish music band. They play a broad spectrum of folk music with elements from various other genres. The band was founded in 2002 in Olsztyn. Their journey gained momentum in 2010 when they took part in the qualifiers for the Woodstock Festival and reached the Main Stage, quickly gaining a devoted fan base.

Since then, the band has been featured at the biggest Polish festivals, including Przystanek Woodstock, Open'er Festival, Jarocin Festival, KFPP in Opole, TOPtrendy Festival, Sopot Top of the Top Festival, and Polsat Super Hit Festival. Enej has released six original studio albums - "Ulice" (2008), "Folkorabel" (2010, gold record), "Folkhorod" (2012, triple platinum), "Paparanoja" (2015, platinum), "Idealny Sen" (2021), and their latest release, "Vesna" (2024), which premiered on February 29th this year. Enej has also released an album diverging from their usual style: "A skiela Wy?", featuring 12 folk songs and re-arranged tracks.

Their exceptional style, diversity, energy, and uniqueness have also resonated beyond Poland's borders. Enej has performed in the USA, the UK, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Ireland, receiving a warm reception from audiences all around the world.

Enej has a history with the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, having performed at the 16th and 17th Woodstock Festivals Poland in 2010 and 2011, as well as the 22nd Woodstock Festival Poland in 2016, and the Most Beautiful House Party in the World in 2020.

The band members are: Piotr (Lolek) Soloducha, Mirosław (Mynio) Ortyński, Paweł (Bolek) Sołoducha, Kuba (Czaplay) Czaplejewicz, Łukasz (Długi) Przyborowski, Damian (Pinki) Pinkowski, Kornel Kondrak, Piotr (Pancur) Pankowski.

Piotr and Paweł Soloducha have Ukrainian roots, Mirosław Ortyński was born in Lviv, and the other five musicians are Polish.

The 30th Pol'and'Rock Festival

Formerly known as Woodstock Festival Poland, Pol'and'Rock Festival is, above all, a great musical adventure, during which the ideals of the original Woodstock’69 are brought back to life. The festival, held in Poland since 1995, will send, for the 30th time, the sounds of Peace, Love, and Music to the ether!

The festival goers will meet again at the former Czaplinek-Broczyno Airfield to cherish the values of freedom, brotherhood, and rock'n'roll (but not only!) between 1-3 August 2024, during the jubilee edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Among the artists who have already confirmed their performance are CelKilt, Electric Callboy, Motionless in White, Kasia Kowalska, Less Than Jake, The Warning,  Myrath, Clawfinger, Sick Of It All, Flapjack, Flogging Molly, T.Love, and Guano Apes. 
Anna Libertowska