Meet the winners of the Golden Spinning Top Award 2024!

After weeks of exciting competition and thousands of cast votes, we have the winners of the Golden Spinning Top Award 2024! This year, fans had the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists in two categories: Polish bands and international bands.

This year's public vote started on February 5th and was divided into 3 stages. All artists (except for the winners of the previous edition of the voting) who performed at the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival took part in the competition. Votes could be cast in two categories - Polish bands and foreign bands. From the 39 bands that took part in the first stage, only 3 artists from each category made it to the final stage. The last few weeks have been a fierce competition for your votes. Today, we already know which bands have stolen the hearts of the Most Beautiful Audience in the World.

The winner of the Golden Spinning Top Award 2024 in the Polish bands category is Wojtek Szumański! This unassuming and straightforward artist will be performing at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World for the second time.

In the foreign bands category, the winner is Royal Republic! The energetic Swedish group will have the chance to visit Pol'and'Rock Festival for the second time.

The Golden Spinning Top Award is a brass award given as a token of the audience's appreciation for the best band performing on the Pol'and'Rock Festival stage. The award was first given after the first edition of the Festival (then Przystanek Woodstock) in 1995. Since 1996, the Golden Spinning Top Award has been presented to the winners - whenever possible - on the Main Stage of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.

From the very beginning of this year's edition of the Golden Spinning Top Award, you have cast a total of 50 270 votes for the artists who you believe deserve to perform again at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. This is the last listing of the Golden Spinning Top 2024:

Polish bands:

International bands:

Congratulations to all the winners on their well-deserved triumph and we invite all fans of their music to the 30th Pol'and'Rock Festival, where we will celebrate peace, love and music together!
Adam Kościelniak