Apey & the Pea from Hungary at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Bringing power, rage, and great sounds to Poland, the band is a great addition to the line-up!

Loud, evil and heavy – if we need three words to describe ’HEX’, the latest and most successful effort of Apey & the Pea yet, we could only pick these ones for the third album of the most popular English-speaking Hungarian metal act, who plays on main stages at Central-Eastern festivals, and selling 1500+ tickets locally.  Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, A&TP said no for gimmicks and trends at the very beginning. In their uniquely green and minacious sound – with remarkable visuals from 70s occult horror movies for their live sets – the band combines the loud harshness of Pantera or Lamb of God with the flotation of Alice in Chains along with the tripping-sonic traditions of Orange Goblin. Formed in 2010, the power trio has shared the stage with acts as Sleep, Crowbar – Kirk also likes to wear his A&TP shirt sometimes –, Saint Vitus, Dopethrone or Weedeater and played several times at events as Desertfest or Soulstone Gathering.

After two European tours, they began to record their latest album far from the city noises. The trio went into the woods in the countryside and jammed the songs 100% live for an old-school analogue mixer. Their honest and energetic performance gave a long-awaited peak for the Hungarian & Central-Eastern scene: a stoner/sludge metal act with full of anger and wrath against the dogmatic frame-up, with relevant questions and opened revelations both musically and in their lyrics.

After releasing HEX – and selling out their album release show three weeks in advance: the live stream is still available –, right-wing politicians started to afraid from the effect and visibility of the act. They’ve had the will of cancelling shows and banning the possibilities of selling merch. But thanks to the local support and the fanbase of the act (just as for Behemoth at the beginning of their international career), the scandal went viral both online and offline and since then, no one could stop Apey & the Pea to become the major Hungarian metal act in the region.’HEX’, the local Grammy-nominated effort is an instant classic in the Central-Eastern region, the long-awaited metal album of a generation that fits in character, image and content for the international vibes of the stoner and sludge community, and with these songs, A&TP is ready to show their live power across the globe.