Women's Cancer Prevention and Treatment 

Doctors and researchers agree that early diagnosis considerably increases the chances of successful cancer treatment. Inspired by the work done in the Regional Center for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Zduńska Wola, we want to help establish more similar medical facilities across the country!

The Regional Centre for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment has been opened in Zduńska Wola in October 2018 and it has been furnished with equipment provided by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Having seen the strides doctors from Zduńska-Wola are making in preventing and treating women's cancer, we want more similar medical facilities to be established across the country. Such centres will improve women's cancer treatment in Poland by enabling doctors to discover cancer symptoms as early as possible.

Considering the fact that we have "saved" 20 000 000 PLN on our latest medical shopping, we are ready to use the money to fund development of women's cancer prevention and diagnosis centres - focusing on cervical and breast cancer. We would like to focus on the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Zduńska-Wola facility received equipment such as

Overall worth of the equipment our charity has donated to the Zduńska-Wola facility reaches over 1.3 million PLN.

It is important to note that all tests conducted by the facility are covered by national health insurance, are publicly available and free of charge. We would like to use the good practices established in Zduńska-Wola Treatment and Prevention to inspire the creation of similar medical facilities across the country.

Our dream is to establish many more cancer prevention and treatment facilities, train doctors and medical staff to improve the chances of diagnosing and curing cancer in Polish women. Unfortunately, each year approximately 80 000 women are diagnosed with cancer, while breast cancer is still the most frequently diagnosed type of cancer in Poland.