Preliminary result of the fundraiser annouced! 

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity announced the preliminary result of 27th Grand Finale fundraiser on Sunday, January the 13th. 92 143 798 PLN has been raised in aid of equipping specialist wards in life-saving equipment. The final result of the international charitable drive will be announced in March. It will include the precise reports of money raised in foreign currencies, results of the charitable auctions, and online donations.  

This year the biggest Polish charity has aimed to raise money to buy medical equipment for specialist children's hospitals in the country. It is often the case that public hospitals, offering free medical care are unable to afford the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - the leading NGO in Poland which has raised over  1 000 000 000 PLN in 27 years of its work, aims to provide state-funded medical facilites in the country with modern equipment and furniture. 

Marysia is one of the prematurely born babies saved by the equipment donated by the charity 

Result is preliminary because it is based on estimate amounts of money raised by each 1700 local Collection Centres, which are scattered accross the globe and proceeds raised online . The charitable initiative is supported by 120 000 volunteers who takie part in local fundraising events - in different countries such as Russia, Japan, or the UK. The final result of the fundraiser will be announced in March when the funds received from local hubs of activity as well as online auctions proceeds have all beeen tallied. 

Last year's preliminary result of the 26th Grand Finale fundraiser was  81 423 452 PLN and the final result, announced traditionally in March came up to 126 373 804, 34 PLN. Last year the fundraiser was held in aid of neonatal wards in the country.