Over PLN 2 000 000 in aid of the charity raised already! 

Even though there are still days until we all celebrate the Grand Finale fundraiser on Sunday, January 12th, 2020, we are excited to announce that we already have raised over PLN 2 000 000 though online donations and charitable auctions. This year we "play" to help equip children's surgery wards. 

As of publication, the counter on the charitable auctions site hosted by the Allegro platform (the best-known Polish auction and online retail platform) indicated that we have already raised PLN 1 199 555. The online donation channels brought us PLN 1 203 534. It means that we enter the two-week countdown until the Grand Finale with an impressive PLN 2 403 089. It is important to note that on December 30th, 2018, we were still a couple of hundred thousand short of PLN 2 000 000! 

As we expected, the fiercest bidding battles ensued for the gold-plated replica of Olga Tokarczuk's Nobel Prize Medal. K.I.T.T. - the AI-powered car from the Knight Rider series taking a close second position in the race for the most popular charitable auction. 

Starting mid-December, Collection Centres can hold fundraising events. With 800 different events registered in our database, it seems that the community initiatives are as popular as ever. Any activity can be registered as a fundraising event in our database - it can be a concert, a cook-off, a sporting event, or an activity for children, provided that it is open to the public. Volunteers armed with our Collection Boxes and bearing a supply of our trademark red-heart stickers will be fundraising during the event, yet there cannot be any tickets sold to the members of the public. Donations are made purely on a voluntary basis. 

For those who are short on time, but still would like to donate where and when they can, the best solution comes as Stationary Collection Box. A Stationary Collection Box can be displayed on business premises or in other publicly accessible spaces. Customers or visitors can support the objective of the Grand Finale while running their errands. 

Another very popular method of supporting our mission are online donations - our benefactors can make direct donation via our website or via other online crowdfunding and fundraising platforms. These methods of donation are easy, quick, and what is essential when it comes to online payments - secure! The money  is always transferred directly into the charity's account.