Preliminary Result of the Biggest Charitable drive in Poland Announced

Our voyage is drawing to its end. We have sailed on the seas of positive energy, joy, and happiness. As you - our generous donors, plundered your wallets for the booty, we filled the coffers with treasure much more precious than any pearls or jewels. It was the smiles, the realisations that what you have, you are ready to share with less fortunate people. We, yet again, we understood that we are surrounded by goodness and grace.

The preliminary result of our fundraiser is PLN 115 362 894 (over EUR 27 000 000)

The preliminary result of the fundraiser is announced at midnight - it is calculated based on the initial estimations made by the local Collection Centres and the results of the online fundraisers and charitable auctions. It is worth noting that online fundraisers and charitable auctions, held via Allegro platform are still ongoing. The money raised by volunteers, once delivered to banks, will be re-counted. The counter on our website displays the current tally of the collection. It will stop once it reaches the preliminary amount, but the bank will keep counting funds and as the bidding draws to a close, the final result will be announced early March. 

Money raised in January 2020 will go towards the purchase of medical equipment for children's surgery and treatment. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation plans to buy surgical tables, operating light systems, surgical tools, and equipment for post-surgery wards.