From the beginning of our charitable work, we focused our efforts on helping medics care for the most vulnerable patients. We want to improve the conditions at public medical facilities nationwide. Our medical programmes became stepping stones in the development of paedi...

19 April 2021

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has been raising money to buy medical equipment for children's medicine for almost 30 years. We have raised over PLN 1.5 billion and donated over 65 200 medical devices. We also initiated and help run 8 medical initiatives and one...

19 April 2021

Our charity has been fundraising for almost 30 years. In the 29 years of our activity, we managed to raise an impressive sum of over PLN 1.5 billion! Let's see how the fundraiser progressed from the very beginning of our work up to the new, record-setting result of the 2...

19 April 2021

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, which is the biggest NGO in Poland, raised PLN 210 813 830,10 ( EUR  45 993 068,79). Money will go towards the purchase of medical equipment for children's ENT wards in public hospitals nationwide.  

30 March 2021

Grand Finale
PLN 127 495 626 is the preliminary result of our Grand Finale fundraiser. Today, at 16:00 sharp the sum in our account has caught up with the preliminary result we announced at midnight on the day of the fundraiser. The count will continue until March 29th, when the resu...

25 February 2021

84% of Poles trust the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, emerges from the most recent research performed by IQS agency. Our charity leads the ranking among different organizations, non-profits and institutions. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has ...

5 February 2021

Pol'and'Rock Festival
Fans of Irish folk-inspired music are in for a real treat this year. Fiddler’s Green joins Dropkick Murphys in Pol'and'Rock 2021. The German band will be celebrating their 30th anniversary with the audience of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!

19 January 2021

Pol'and'Rock Festival
A band which is built on authenticity and committed to social involvement is now confirmed to play at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021, which is a non-commercial event. When we announced the band nearly a year ago to the day, the response from fans was incredible and we are pl...

7 January 2021

We hoped for an opportunity to showcase Limp Bizkit at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World in 2020, and we are delighted that the band will be opening our festival line-up announcements for the 2021 edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival. The 27th edition of Pol'and'Rock ...

15 December 2020

Since the launch of the registration process, over 900 Collection Centres - regional hubs for the fundraising activity - applied to hold their local editions of the Grand Finale fundraiser.  

10 November 2020