Grand Finale
Take a look at the grand opening of our annual event! All over the world, the international Collection Centres have begun to raise money to benefit the theme of this year’s GOCC Grand Finale – a fight with sepsis, a severe life-threatening medical condition.

29 January 2023

As the nationwide protest of medics continues and medics reiterate their demands asking for systemic changes, which will benefit both medical professionals and patients alike, we would like to reiterate our support to all involved in protecting and saving the lives and t...

14 September 2021

Our charity has been fundraising for almost 30 years. In the 29 years of our activity, we managed to raise an impressive sum of over PLN 1.5 billion! Let's see how the fundraiser progressed from the very beginning of our work up to the new, record-setting result of the 2...

19 April 2021

Grand Finale
PLN 127 495 626 is the preliminary result of our Grand Finale fundraiser. Today, at 16:00 sharp the sum in our account has caught up with the preliminary result we announced at midnight on the day of the fundraiser. The count will continue until March 29th, when the resu...

25 February 2021

Since the launch of the registration process, over 900 Collection Centres - regional hubs for the fundraising activity - applied to hold their local editions of the Grand Finale fundraiser.  

10 November 2020

Grand Finale fundraiser might be challenging to explain to people who have never experienced such a massive and unified movement of people. These people decide to be happy, decide to be kind to each other and to give their time, skills, and money to help the most vulnera...

12 January 2020

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, which is the most popular and trusted charitable organization in Poland, gears up to hold its annual fundraiser known as the Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation this Sunday.

11 January 2020

Even though there are still days until we all celebrate the Grand Finale fundraiser on Sunday, January 12th, 2020, we are excited to announce that we already have raised over PLN 2 000 000 though online donations and charitable auctions. This year we "play" to help equip...

30 December 2019

The 28th Grand Finale fundraiser will be held in aid of children's surgery and treatment. This international fundraiser will take place on Sunday, 12.01.2020. 

16 October 2019

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity announced the preliminary result of 27th Grand Finale fundraiser on Sunday, January the 13th. 92 143 798 PLN has been raised in aid of equipping specialist wards in life-saving equipment. The final result of the international char...

14 January 2019