The Inspector Cluzo at Woodstock Festival Poland

There are very few truly independent artists in the music business nowadays, and that's why the creativity and convictions behind the creative journey of The Inspector Cluzo are so unique. With shows in over 47 countries around the world, they will be introduced to the a...
Woodstock introduces emerging talent

There can't be a better way to launch your career than performing in front of the massive audience at one of the largest festivals in the world. Woodstock Poland gives emerging artists to present their music at one of the stages of the festival. 
Arch Enemy at the Main Stage

Some things can weather storms and emerge stronger, better and more powerful than ever. Arch Enemy has endured on the heavy metal scene for over 20 years and they have been redefining the genre with each album they released. 
Woodstock Festival tops international rankings

Woodstock Poland is the third most popular festival in Europe and the most popular festival organized in central Europe according to the rankings published by Music Festival Wizard. 
First Woodstock Poland band announced

Can't wait to see them take the Main Stage at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! We'll meet each-other at Woodstock on 2-3-4  August 2018.