Pol'and'Rock Festival
A real treat for all fans of Southern rock vibes! Black Stone Cherry is a band flawlessly blending rock and blues in a unique mixture to create an authentic, yet innovative Southern rock sound. They will be performing on the Main Stage on August the 1st. 

19 February 2019

After three decades of creating some of the best music thrash metal has to offer and touring alongside bands such as Anthrax, Slayer, and Judas Priest, Testament’s music is as fresh and powerful as ever. The band, which is credited with establishing the genre of thrash m...

12 February 2019

Pol'and'Rock Festival
Fresh after their well-deserved win at the Golden God awards for Best British Band, Judas Priest is confirmed to play at the non-commercial Pol'and'Rock Festival. 

19 June 2018

Pol'and'Rock Festival
The band creates socially aware music and they bravely stand in opposition to the evil corporates which aim to silence any form of dissent. Their raw energy and energy seems to be the perfect fit for the Second Stage of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.

11 June 2018