Grand Finale
The 32nd Grand Finale concert will start playing in less than 60 days! Jurek Owsiak revealed the latest additions to the lineup for the event taking place on January 28, 2024 at PGE Narodowy meadows!

4 December 2023

“Despite the pandemic, we have a few mega surprises for you that will come to this festival from around the world. And as we always do, we play what we like!" - Jurek Owsiak, the originator of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World and the conductor of the Great Orches...

28 July 2021

Pol'and'Rock Festival
A band which is built on authenticity and committed to social involvement is now confirmed to play at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021, which is a non-commercial event. When we announced the band nearly a year ago to the day, the response from fans was incredible and we are pl...

7 January 2021

Pol'and'Rock Festival
The festival, which has been moved to the realm of the Internet, will feature live performances from 30 top Polish acts. The artists will perform at the studio in Warsaw, and their shows will be streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. 

27 July 2020

After three decades of creating some of the best music thrash metal has to offer and touring alongside bands such as Anthrax, Slayer, and Judas Priest, Testament’s music is as fresh and powerful as ever. The band, which is credited with establishing the genre of thrash m...

12 February 2019

Pol'and'Rock Festival
Performing at the festival for the 8th time, Acid Drinkers will be giving our international audiences an insight into the history of thrash in Poland. 

5 February 2019

Pol'and'Rock Festival
Music supplies the soundtrack to the real revolution. Ziggy Marley is the first star to be announced to play at the anniversary Pol'and'Rock Festival which will see its 25th edition in August 2019!

10 December 2018

Feels like coming home... 

4 August 2018

Pol'and'Rock Festival
The biggest non-commercial festival in Europe is three days of music and culture extravaganza. 

2 August 2018

Pol'and'Rock Festival
Fresh after their well-deserved win at the Golden God awards for Best British Band, Judas Priest is confirmed to play at the non-commercial Pol'and'Rock Festival. 

19 June 2018