On 5 December, the GOCC Foundation organized the 68th Open Tender dedicated to the aim of the 30th Grand Finale, i.e. paediatric ophthalmology. Many hours of negotiations resulted in a tangible outcome - 20 pieces of equipment for a total of PLN 14,138,131.80!

5 December 2023

PLN 168 million worth of equipment for the fight against sepsis
The GOCC Foundation has just completed the three-day-long 66th Open Tender held to buy medical equipment for the fight against sepsis. The Foundation spent a record-breaking amount of PLN 168 million! During the press conference organized within the 66th Open Tender, the...

25 May 2023

The biggest Open Tender in the history of the GOCC
We want to beat sepsis! The Grand Finale for all – the little and the big ones – was the slogan of the past 31st Grand Finale. The main objective of the fundraiser was to collect money for purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment allowing for a fast sepsis diagnosis...

18 May 2023

More equipment for children's eye medicine purchased
On 4 April 2023, the GOCC Foundation held the first Open Tender this year. This time, the equipment was purchased i.a. to support the children's eye medicine. Devices for nearly PLN 17,058,238.40 will be delivered to 75 facilities in 56 cities. 

4 April 2023