We want to beat sepsis! The Grand Finale for all – the little and the big ones – was the slogan of the past 31st Grand Finale. The main objective of the fundraiser was to collect money for purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment allowing for a fast sepsis diagnosis...

18 May 2023

It is customary for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity to publish financial reports detailing the charity's medical purchases in the run-up to the Grand Finale fundraiser.

9 January 2020

Another state-of-the-art CT suite opened at the teaching hospital in Poznań. CT scanner worth over PLN 7 000 000 is the most advanced device available on the market and one of the three currently serving in European hospitals.

18 December 2019

Medical professionals decided to award the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation a Gold Synapse award in the "Friends fo Psychiatry" category. The category is meant to honour individuals and organisations working to support psychiatric care in the country and s...

16 December 2019

Our charity supports Polish Mountain Volunteer Search & Rescue teams! This time we donated 72 fully equipped "rescue backpacks" and professional paramedic bags. 

17 October 2018

Grand Finale
The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity makes sure to scrupulously account for the money raised during public charitable collections.  

14 January 2018

A densitometry scanner allows for non-invasive and precise bone density analysis. 

9 January 2018

A few months ago we took up the challenge set by our friends from TVN Foundation 

29 December 2017